Spring Fling Tix Reduced. Forsooth!

Pointy princess hats on, good people.

Goodbye, holidays. What to look forward to now?

We always look forward to spring, and flings, and a fabulous, ribbon-y and be-armored Renaissance festival complete with knights, jesters, giant turkey legs and sexy wenches (bonus points for sexy wenches eating giant turkey legs while flirting with knights and jesters).

The Renaissance Pleasure Faire, Southern California's colorful, banner-flying, sword-clashing spring spectacular, fulfills all of those medieval-y desires in us, and more, which makes us exceedingly happy -- nay, overjoyed -- that there's a holiday ticket sale on through 11:59PM on Monday, January 4.

That's just over three months ahead of the 2010 opening date of April 10, but oh, the weeks fly when one is dreaming of jousts and princes.

The Holidazzle Ticket Sale is offering gentle ladies and men the chance to score tickets to the Renaissance extravaganza for $15 rather than $25.

What will we buy at the Santa Fe Dam-based festival with the cash we save by purchasing our ticket early? A pretty, princess-y pointed hat? A silver, jangly anklet? A session with a fortune teller? A giant turkey leg? Probably the giant turkey leg. We just can't resist.

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