Springtime at Underwood Family Farms

Little piggies snoozing with goats, newborn guinea pigs, and more cuteness awaits in Moorpark.

AWWW STORAGE: Most purses, or pockets, contain a wallet and keys, and some people stow a lip balm, or packet of tissue, in their pants or jacket as well. But where do you stow your extra awwws, the squeals you'll need to pull out and use upon seeing a sight that's like 500% extra cute? We do hope you have a pocket for those awwws should you venture to Underwood Family Farms on a lovely spring day. That's because there are several animals, some of the just-arrived-here kind, that will surely summon a few awwws from you, and sighs, and proclamations of sheer adorableness. Look to the wee pig that recently climbed into the middle of some Pygmy goats for a serious snooze, and look to the farm's ducklings, which always draw a cooing crowd. And can we speak to the newborn guinea pigs that were recently born at the Moorpark destination? They're so fluffy, due to a substantial gestation period, and if you don't blow them a few kisses, well, you may regret not doing so days later. Spring, in short, is quite the animal-awesome fling around the farms, a place well-known for its pumpkin-filled, month-long Fall Festival. But there are March-into-April goings-on at Underwood Family Farms, too, and they do require that you stow some extra awwws in your pocket.

A SPRINGTIME EASTER FESTIVAL... is continuing right through to Sunday, April 3, which is, yes, a week past Easter proper. Look for tractor-drawn wagon rides, a fall favorite, a bee barn, Farmer Craig's chicken show, the Grain Train, face painting, pony rides, and, wait for it, the springtime baby animals petting corral. Do we need to type more? Are you already dreaming of meeting the baby goat or guinea pig of your sweet, cuddly dreams? It really is the ideal time to go the farm route, whether or not you get your face painted or you purchase some fresh produce before departing. For the full animal outlook, take a gander at the gorgeous local residents (donkeys, ponies, rabbits, cute, cute, cute). As for picking your own produce? Here's more information on that time-honored, tasty-yum pursuit.

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