Sprinkles Predicted for NYC

The famed cupcake will soon debut in NYC.

"When will an In-N-Out Burger open in Iowa/Paris/Denver" probably trumps "when will a Sprinkles open in New York City," but not by much.

Because no matter where you live, and regardless of the edible offerings, you always long just a little bit for a regional favorite that doesn't call your own region home.

That's about to change for the denizens of New York City, however. Sprinkles Cupcakes, the LA-born, half-decade-old sweet shop that has become famous for the eat-it on-top dot and queues out the door, is heading for NYC. Which it has been for some time, to be honest. But Sprinkles has now announced a location and date.

The company says the store'll debut on Lexington Avenue at the beginning of 2011. Deep, deep cupcake season. Cold. Snow. Comfort food time.

New York's famous cupcakery, Magnolia Bakery, is still under construction on West Third, last we looked. Cupcake bi-coastal magic will be achieved, we think, when both Sprinkles and Magnolia are open on opposite coasts. 

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