‘Star Trek': Live Orchestra Spectacular

Experience five decades of fantastic TV and movie music at the Segerstrom.

IN SPACE, at least where movies and television series are concerned, time is fluid. It might be 2016 in one corner of the galaxy, but a visit to a handy wormhole, or the nearest fold in the fabric of the universe, and bingo: You're 200,000 years in the future (or past). We don't live in such an elastic time realm as of this moment -- a year is still 365 days, and those days have a rather predictable way of rolling out according to the calendar -- but we do live in the time of "Star Trek," and thank goodness for that.

FOR FEW POP CULTURE PHENOMS... have played with time and space as deftly as the Gene Roddenberry-created favorite, a favorite that just happens to be marking its 50th anniversary in 2016. There's no folding of cosmic fabric or wormhole locating necessary as far as this timeline is concerned: It's the big 50th for "Star Trek," and a host of to-dos, like "Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage," will pay stirring tribute to the various on-screen properties that have filled out Mr. Roddenberry's early dream. Best board your ship and zoom for...

THE SEGERSTROM CENTER FOR THE ARTS... for a Monday, May 2 concert celebrating the original series, "Next Generation," the shows that beamed onto our screens in the '90s and after, and all of those dazzling films. There shall be a live orchestra, yes, and clips played on a 40-foot screen. Expect to see visuals from "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan," "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine," and other tent poles of the massive, and massively famous, franchise. It's a music-focused journey of the mind and heart, one that's bound to light up fans' imaginations as they recall their favorite episodes and movie scenes. Are you headed to the huge convention in Las Vegas in August? Let the Costa Mesa concert on May 2 kick off your Klingon-cool, Borg-big, Spock-stellar summer season, in swelling, string-plucking fashion. Tickets? Your wormhole to the box office is right over here.

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