Star Trend of the Day: Peeking over Glasses

There was a time when a meme wasn't simply a factoid-y list people were passing around online; nope, memes had to happen in the real world, often involving paper, skywriting, the telegraph. One meme we've missed, and often recall with a certain fondness, was the whole coyly-looking-over-the-top-rim-of-the-sunglasses thing that rose to greatness in the 1980s.

Props must be given to Tom Cruise in "Risky Business" -- or, probably in equal part, the artist who designed the poster for the movie -- for starting that trend, and wow, did it zoom. Seems like you couldn't see an ad or concert poster without some version of the "I can't believe what I'm looking at so I must lower my shades" pose. We liked it. Oh, Bruce Willis struck the pose, too, on occasion, we think? Holy Wayfarers, everyone but everyone did it back in the day.

But could this meme be making its meme-y way back into our hearts? Cute Demi Lovato struck the pose at the premiere for the new Jonas Brothers flick; and we feel like we saw the move again recently, maybe with Bill Paxton in "Big Love" or another hourlong.

We say the cheeky "Risky Business" glance is on its way back in, what with Daylight Saving Time just around the corner, more sunlight, more sunglasses. And how do we feel about that? Nice. Like we want to pull down our sunglasses and peer closer.

In other starry tidbits...

...the Fug girls like the oh-so-say-can-you-sea dress Miley Cyrus wore to the Oscars. We like anything with a scaly-fin thing going on, including Marion Cotillard's ethereal gown from last year.

...Simon Cowell on the whole cryogenics kerfuffle: Just joshin'.

...we've peeked, and admired, the inside of Adam Levine's now-being-sold Los Feliz house. Peek  yourself. That pool, those palms... Pretty rock star.

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