Star Wars Exhibit: Dramatic Photos

Check out life-sized Star Wars character displays (Boba Fett! Stormtroopers!) and vehicle models at the Discovery Science Center's exhibit.

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Life-sized stormtroopers! The Millennium Falcon's cockpit! Boba Fett's blaster! These were all on display at the Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination exhibit at the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana from Nov. 2011 to April 15.
Tusken Raiders: Also known as sand people, the Tuskens live a nomadic desert life in the wastes of Tatooine.
Wookies: The exhibit included a look at Star Wars' unique environments and how they shaped characters, like Han's sidekick Chewbacca.
Luke's Landspeeder: In Star Wars, Luke's landspeeder levitated by repulsorlifts, but could something like that technology exist in the real world?
Anakin's Racer: The exhibit includes a look at alien technologies, and how we might not be too far away from achieving some of them. Get tickets at
X-Wing Fighter: The exhibit included severals scale models of popular craft from the saga.
The Millenium Falcon: Visitors saw a replica of the infamous Falcon, plus sit in a life-size cockpit to experience the jump to light speed.
Boba Fett's Blaster: Cobbled together from a six-shooter and a rifle stock, plus sporting some modifications, this blaster's was on view for close-up inspection.
Luke's Damaged Prosthesis: Alongside Luke and Anakin’s prosthetic hands and a Darth Vader costume were real-world robotic legs, and neural and muscular implants that may allow people increased mobility.
Hoth: The exhibit included an extensive look at the Planet Hoth, and what it would take to survive there. Get tickets at
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