Starring The Beverly Hilton

The Golden Globes venue has a high-wattage past.

Did you see "Frost/Nixon" a few years back? You'll recall that the movie takes place, in part, at The Beverly Hilton in all its shag-rugged, starburst-y, '70s-era glory. Rapture. But even though the rooms have long since been updated, The Beverly Hilton still feels timeless, iconic, a true gem of an inn that is deserving of its starry status.

So as the Golden Globes unfurl on Sunday, Jan. 15 at the large white hotel at the meeting place of Wilshire and Santa Monica Boulevards -- such the famous corner, no? -- we take pause to pay tribute to a favorite spot. We adore...

...that Trader Vic's became closely associated with the hotel. That's damn cool, and that usually proper stars got sloshy/flirty on the tiki-themed beverages made the bamboo-blessed eatery an instant legend.

...that talk-show honcho Mr. Merv Griffin helmed the property for decades. What a class act, so genuine and authentically warm. No wonder people just wanted to open up to him on television, and stay at his hotel in their private lives.

...that the driveway is kind of tucked away. It makes everyone feel as if they are escaping the paparazzi, whether they've ever been in a tabloid or not. We recommend donning over-sized sunglasses as you pull in. And a vintage stole.

...that a sippable something was created just for the hotel. We never tasted the "Starburst Cocktail" but having a signature house drink is just a sign of class, period.

...that Conrad Hilton himself opened the hotel, and that it still retains an air of natty 1955-ness. In a city of change, change, change, such consistency is unusual, and comforting.

Fear not, Golden Globes. We'll tune in for the dresses and the accolades and the tearful speeches. But Beverly Hilton, we'll be looking at you.

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