Starry Nuptials: Jennifer Hudson Wants Pups at Wedding

People is reporting that Jennifer Hudson is eager to include her pooches on the veil-iest, flowery, most-cake filled day of her life. We've been there. We've seen it. We support it. But, Ms. Hudson, we have just a few keep-things-smooth-and-mostly-bark-free suggestions.

1) Everyone has to go out five minutes before the ceremony. No exceptions. Even if they just went out. Do not give into the sad, wet-eyed looks.

2) If the dogs will be dressed up, watch noisy/distracting costume elements (having put jingle bells on a Pug for a Christmas event, we speak from experience).

3) Pups will scratch, smell each other, wonder away from the altar, burp. And it will provide comic relief for the guests. So don't stress. Just enjoy your beautiful day.

4) Baths the day before! Or even that morning.

5) Treats stashed nearby, preferably in your bouquet if possible. You'll never know when you'll need to break up a not-so-festive fracas quickly and quietly. Good luck and congrats!

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