Starry Rumor: Ellen, Portia Not Decorating Nursery Yet

We're looking forward to the new series "Better Off Ted" -- and, we hope, an "Arrested Development" movie, but that's a whole other ball of wax -- because star Portia de Rossi is funny. No surprise, then, that she's married to funny Ellen DeGeneres. But what may surprise followers of the rumor mill is that all those baby whispers are for naught.

Ms. de Rossi has fully quashed those in an interview with the LA Times, lending a very astute, droll observation that she did not want to be "baby-bump'd" out by the tabloids. It seems like, ten years ago, we never saw those words together, and now it is rare to see the word "baby" without the word "bump" immediately following. Is "baby bump" played out? Perhaps the old-fashioned but pretty descriptive "pregnant" might make a comeback. It's a thought.

In other starry headlines...

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