Starry Tweeters: Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore

...We were remembering the old days -- oh, let's call the "old days," for all accounts and purposes, 1997 or so -- when people were more of a mystery to us. All people. We didn't know that our boyfriend from eighth grade, a person we haven't seen for a decade, was, at this very moment, enjoying a jelly donut and espresso. And we didn't know that our favorite star was shopping at some Home Depot outside Minneapolis while on location for a shoot.

All day long we could ponder what this knowing-all-ness means, but for now, let's just consider that many, many stars are now reporting on their lives and thoughts via Twitter. Star blogs, made famous by people like Rosie O'Donnell back in the early aughts, now seem, well, if not passe, then not au courant. We can know what Ashton and Demi are doing throughout the day, every day, and not have to wait for that weekly blog posting. So what celeb tweets are you ogling?

..."Ramona" is coming to the big screen, with luscious-haired cutie Ginnifer Goodwin ("Big Love" is just good fantastic this season). For a moment, we thought GG would be playing the spunky grade-schooler, maybe as a grown-up trying to make it in the big city. But no dice; Defamer says she's Aunt Bea.

...Our only question regarding the Fug girls' take on Malin Ackerman's get-up: Why can't Malin dress more like her "Watchmen" character in every day life? Malin, you could. Try it. The boots, the comic-book colors...

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