Stars Flock to “Farragut North”

Oh New York. NYC. The Manhattan. We sometimes get slightly jealous of all of your gifts. And we are the tiniest bit green -- a soft, celery green, let's call it -- when movie stars regularly show up on your lofty stages. Happens here, too, but we can't turn around in Times Square without seeing some huge celebrity's mug grinning down on us, hugely.

So we're ready to brag just the eensiest bit. Because "Farragut North" -- which is on now and has its official opening night on Wednesday, June 24th at The Geffen Playhouse -- has a cast that is packing wattage. And it is fresh wattage at that (and we say that as fans of not-so-fresh wattage, too; vintage stars, stars who haven't had a hit in a decade, need more breaks and more often).

But to "Farragut North": Chris Pine -- hot-headed Captain Kirk of the recent "Star Trek" -- stars as a hot-shot-y press guy to a candidate. Chris Noth -- yep, it's Mr. Big -- is a guy on his team. And Olivia Thirlby, Juno's best pal in the indie movie of the same name, is in the mix. In short, a huge, wattage-heavy cast, the kind that you might see splashed across a billboard the size of a tennis court above Times Square. Braggable.

The play, about hot, nail-biting happenings in a political campaign, is just the thing news hounds, missing the daily trail-based headlines from just a year ago, are seeking. Through July 26th, Geffen Playhouse

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