Carly Steps Up Senate Run, Faces Tough Questions

Contacting donors, recovering from cancer, but her job not on the books

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina is starting to focus on a bid to replace Senator Barbara Boxer in the next election, but is she otherwise employed?

The San Francisco Chronicle discovered that her claims of being the CEO of her own business and chair of her own nonprofit foundation aren't backed up by legal records.

Seems Fiorina neglected to register her business with state authorities, and hasn't filed with the Internal Revenue Service, either.

But why work when you don't have to? Fiorina, who made $21 million simply for being fired from HP, is the only donor to her foundation, according to a spokesperson.

Not only has Carly Fiorina Enterprises, of which Fiorina claims to be CEO, failed to incorporate, but it has also failed to even filed a document required by California for registering a name before incorporation.

The good news is that the potential Republican senatorial candidate is reportedly doing well in her recovery from breast cancer. So that's something.

Jackson West wonders if California's unemployment rate will drop, if only incrementally, if Fiorina gets a job in the Senate.

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