“Stomp” Boom Boom Boom

"Stomp" is at the Pantages, to raise the roof.

Violeta Barron

Look, we're not against "Auld Lang Syne"-ing the old year away, but come January, we all still have lingering issues with the little disappointments and unfinished projects of the past year.

Enter "Stomp," which opens at the Pantages on January 26th and dances right through February 7th. 

This is a show that doesn't just enter, but rather leaps in with a thud and a crack and several taps to the floor. Like last year at this time, the percussive extravaganza returns to remedy some of those weensie frustrations and pent-up feelings left over from a disappointing year.

Picture it, or, better yet, hear it: slamming, metal-y lids, shoe heels coming down hard 'n loud on the floor, long sticks clicking wildly.

But this successful, highly percussive stage show isn't about anger or any bad feelings -- not at all. Instead, call it a madcap cacophony, a joyful noise, a shower of happy, aural confetti that falls about the ears and shoulders over one booming night. "New surprises" are promised in 2010, if you've seen this long-running, long-traveling show in the past.

What do you need to work out? We're thinking the neighbors downstairs won't really appreciate you hitting the kitchen floor with a frying pan, but you can watch other people make big noise, and feel better for it.

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