Strawberries in Winter

Artistic? Fruit-loving? Here's your next contest.

Strawberry Festival

May may be over four months away, but we can start thinking of those warmer, fruitier days come the close of the year here in Southern California.

That's because that's about the time when the California Strawberry Festival starts sending out reminders to artistic fruit fans, and those reminders include terms likes "$2000" and "winner." (Two lovely terms indeed.)

The festival is once again on the search for its annual festival poster, a poster that should probably include the image of a strawberry, or something strawberry-like, since it will be for the 2011 California Strawberry Festival, which will happen in Oxnard over the May 21-22 weekend.

The deadline is "the first week of January," and as with all contests, there are a few to-knows before picking up your red pen. (Question: Do strawberries always have to be red? Maybe go blue this year?) Even if you don't enter, be cheered by the thought of May and fruit and warmer days ahead. It was a little too wet around these parts, and the weather was frankly pretty anti-warm-fruity-days, so we can all use a bit of spring dreaming.

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