Stripped Hollywood Bungalow on Wilcox

Isn't this just the cutest bungalow?

Too bad its current state resembles us after a bikini wax - they took everything.

The listing warns us that the "bungalow was once an absolute charmer." And these photos "were taken before damage occurred."

What damage you ask? According to the listing, the two bedroom, two bath is now missing "most light and plumbing fixtures, cabinets, wall switch plates, water heater, appliances, etc." Yikes.

Not surprisingly, the house is sold "as is" and is currently bank owned. The house was sold in 2003 for $210,000, then less than a year later more than doubled to $562,000.

What could possibly go wrong there? It was then foreclosed on in August of this year for $439,000 and today's asking price is $399,000 or $380 per square foot (below comps but not by much considers the house is missing its water heater and plumbing fixtures). Redfin informs us a sale is pending on the property.

· 1003 Wilcox Ave Los Angeles, CA 90038 [Redfin]

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