Stylista Postmortem: The reality series following fashion…

The reality series following fashion upstarts vying for a junior editor position at Elle mag with Fashion New Director Anne Slowey as top decider debuted last night. We TiVo-ed, but TiVo was already recording PBS'Independent Lens, and didn't let us know of the conflict, perhaps saving us some brain cells. But Racked NY has a dishy round-up of first impressions from across the blogosphere, including Slowey saying "I'm not a big TV watcher, so I'm sort of the belief that it doesn't really exist...In fact, we taped it back in April so I sort of forgot about it. There is definitely an element of self-parody involved that we're all conscious of, but I'm the first one to laugh at myself in the office, so why not on national television? I don't really care. It is a ridiculous industry..." [Racked NY]
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