Suckadelic Group Show

We were going to carve a jack o'lantern tonight, maybe sip cider by our fake fireplace, but our way-cooler-than-us pal implored us -- implored! -- to go to the Suckadelic opening at Munky King on Melrose. The pumpkin may have to wait. Turns out 40 way-cooler-than-us (maybe even way-cooler-than-our-way-cool-pal) artists and designers have all created vinyl figures in the manner of the artist Suckadelic (famed for fashioning made-for-adult toys, outlandish remixes and other prankish works of art), and the gallery is unveiling their works tonight at 8PM.

Suckadelic also loves his pop culture-y references, specifically "Star Wars," and he doesn't mind casting a Skywalker-y net over whatever he's making; he recently created a piece depicting Barack Obama as a Jedi knight. So expect to see a lot of "Force"-inspired pieces.

The amazingly talented Amanda Visell will also be on hand at 7PM to sign (we adore her work for its retro, jaunty vibe and use of happy, joyful animals). People are invited to come in costume (we're thinking the more odd/eccentric/Princess Leia-like, the better your chances of grabbing eyeballs in the highly creative crowd).

Thursday, October 30
Munky King, 7308 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles

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