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GLOOM BE GONE: We like June Gloom. We look forward to it every year. The jacarandas tell us it is right around the corner, and we always mind what the jacarandas say. But after two or three weeks of misty mornings, one craves a pool. High temperatures. Some of the darkest blue skies in all the land. And yes, a really tall fruity foamy drink complete with neon straw and paper umbrella. Hmm. Wonder where all of this can be obtained, and nearby. Hmm. Wonder if there are any summer deals on. Hmm. Oh. Wait one second. Some 40 Palm Springs stay-overs and go-outs are offering discounts through Sept. 30, 2011.

DETAILS: The deals include hotels, yes, but also vacation home rentals and restaurants. Some places could offer cuts that are up to 40% off -- easy to remember, since about 40 places are participating -- and a few will extend a comped, mid-week room now and then (but you'll need to check with the individual hotel, of course). You can find out more, and if your favorite place or places are participating, at Visit Palm Springs.

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