Summoning Your Tamped-Down Vampire


The annual auditions for various scare spots and haunted houses around greater Los Angeles delight us. First of all, Universal and Knott's and Six Flags and all the myriad smaller operations know they're going to find some real finds who can truly frighten; after all, this is Hollywood, and professional actors are just as likely to end up as a seasonal monster as an enthusiastic first-timer.

We also like that the auditions seem to be starting earlier than years past, or perhaps with each passing year it seems that way. For example, the Universal Halloween Horror Nights tryouts are now open. Yes, it is July. Yes, if we applied goopy monster make-up and strutted around town it might melt clean off our face. But it just says to us things around these parts are very professional, very planned-out, very look-ahead, even in the scream industry.

The Universal auditions opened on July 29th, and they'll run through Friday, July 31st. (Kudos Creepy LA for the alert.) The monster pickers are looking for actors to fill various roles for the Halloween Horror Nights spectacular, an October staple at the studio. They're seeking not-shy types for "streetmosphere" (oh how we love that word), as well as people who like to linger in all those strobe-y, darkened mazes that seem to sprout like warts on a zombie's skull every autumn.

Open call is from 6-9PM each night at Universal's Globe Theater. Be comfy when you dress. We know, you want to play the scary stiletto-wearing vampire, but best to show in some shoes that let you move.

Better locate a mirror pronto and groan a hundred times to loosen up before you make for Universal. 1) "Groooooan." Too mild. 2) "Grooooooooan." Getting better...

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