Sundays Get Sharkified for Summer

You've stood in front of that giant wall of water and anemones and fish and divers and sea plants at the Aquarium of the Pacific, yes? For hours, yes? And the mind has roamed, yes? We can linger there all day, until the fish finally give us a look like, okay, move along already.

Knowing that we can visit that wall, and the other denizens of the aquarium, including the sharks, for a discount on Sunday summer evenings makes us pleased. We can only compare the emotion to how wet beach sand feels squelching between the toes.

On Sunday nights, starting on Sunday, May 31, the Aquarium of the Pacific hosts Shark Summer Sundays. There's a new Shark Zone to soak in -- hence the catchy, "S"-filled name -- and the venue is keeping late-ish hours (5-10PM Sundays). Bonus: the admission is sweet: $11.95 after 5PM every Sunday through September 6.

If ever we were going to say "seriously" the moment is now: seriously. We like that price and we're not alone. That price means we will be taking our extra dough and spending it on deep-fried deliciousness somewhere around Shoreline Village later. For certain. We'd invite the sharks along to split a basket of wings but, you know, those guys eat a lot. A LOT.

Figure the sun's setting late, the harbor will be aglow, you'll want a last blast of salty-air playtime before the workweek. Those sharkies are waiting, circling, circling...

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