Sunset Strip Closes to Traffic, Opens to Music

Slash and Common are two headliners at the three-day fest.

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While most music spectaculars are remembered for the acts on stage, for the quality of the entertainment, for that special crowd-produced magic, and for that one song that can change the night, there are other ways to classify a major concert.

Like, how big and well-known is the area that was cordoned off for the show? Take the Sunset Strip Music Festival, which is happening in 2010 from Thursday, Aug. 26 through Saturday, Aug. 28. Can you guess, from the name, where the concert will take place? Yep. The Sunset Strip, or at least a good chunk of it, will be closed down so that people may rock alongside famous people who rock full-time.

The Sunset Strip. Right? Not small potatoes. Not even big potatoes. This is the whole farm, and some extra land next to it.

The 2010 headliners are equally up to the bigness of the weekend. Slash'll be there; so will Common and Smashing Pumpkins and Kid Cudi and many others. There's an amp-case full of stuff going down at the various clubs and hotels along Sunset, but the daylong street-closing party happens on Saturday, Aug. 28.

Get info -- definitely parking info -- on what's happening, who will be playing what venue, and what you need to know to get your rocking thoroughly on.

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