Super Bowl Sunday to Get Creamier, Greenier

Guac Bowl is one of the most famous private parties in the land.

It's funny how a particular private party can ascend into party legend. Take Truman Capote's Black & White Ball. So few invitations went out for the 1966 bash, and yet it is known far-and-wide in party-loving circles.

Will LA's own Guac Bowl ever reach the huge heights of this famous celebration? Well, does something based around an easygoing appetizer even want to, really? We suppose that's the first question. But our second question is this: When one hears of Guac Bowl, Los Angeles writer Adam Pava's annual Super Bowl Sunday event, can one not be inspired to throw an equally epic edible to-do?

After all, people go all out. And we mean all out. Take a look at "Ms. Guacman" from 2009. Or a full blackjack table done in the avocado dip. Or yes: Han Solo himself, sealed in guacamole, for eternity. Or until someone gets hungry.

Guac Bowl gets a lot of LA love, as it should, but all people everywhere should be inspired to forgo showing with bowls of anything on Super Bowl Sunday. Bowls can wait. Instead, make a cheese tree, the size of an actual tree. Or popcorn balls the size and shape of footballs.

Bring it, in other words.

Mr. Pava has put hundreds of creamy, oh-so-inspiring pics up at the Guac Bowl site. Enjoy, yes, but learn.

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