Superhero OC Fun: Noon Year's Eve

Discovery Science Center breaks out the streamers and fun during the daytime.

DAYLIGHT'S MIDNIGHT: To be frank, if you gave an adult the option of attending a traditional New Year's Eve bash or one where superhero costumes were the name of the game and everyone could be home asleep well ahead of 10 p.m., well... We're just saying: Some grown-ups might go digging for that shiny red cape and sparkly magic boots. Kids, very often, know exactly how to greet a holiday, and the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana is once again lending a lively hand. The Cube's Noon Year's Eve party has become a two-dayer of delightful proportions, a celebration that is all about making merry at the end of the year but not doing so in a yawny, sleepy, it's-too-late fashion. Which means this: Kids and their families can make for the science-loving institution on either Tuesday, Dec. 30 or Wednesday, Dec. 31 to greet 2015 in an appropriately whoop-it-up, dress-it-up fashion. And, yes, you read that correctly: The event is called "Noon Year's Eve" which means the big countdown is at noon on both days, not midnight.

THAT'S A GRAND IDEA... as it gives the young'uns, who are typically tucked up in the wee smalls of Dec. 31, the chance to jump around and throw streamers and have a bit of fun. The fun is extended to the costumes -- dressing as superheroes is the name of the day(s) -- and the activities (the drawing of action scene storyboards, the making of Hollywood-style sound effects, and more superhero-y stuff). As for the countdown haps? There'll be a ginger ale or apple juice toast, confetti blasts, and colorful hats and traditionally loud horns. Awww, yeah, we're getting a mite jealous: What if every New Year's Eve party, for the big or the small, could rock confetti blasts and superhero costumes and a time when guests aren't stretching and dreaming of bed? Could all of us do two countdowns from now on, one early and one late? Well, Discovery Science Center has been in front of the curve on this cute tradition.

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