Surrealist Night Preparing to Blow Your Mind

Sunday is about to get a lot more non-sequitur-ish.

We could use this space to type the words "suitcase tulip" 157 times, and it would serve the appropriate purpose.

That purpose? Talk about the 2010 International Surrealist Film Festival, which is happening the night of Sunday, March 21, at the Downtown Independent.

Slight pause to say Downtown Independent, bravo. Every time we turn around you're doing something else that puts sparkles all over our thoughts. Like the Astral Landscapes night on March 20.

That night will assuredly prep people for more mind-stretching-ness at the Surrealist festival on March 21. On tap: three hours of movie-based mayhem.

The names of the films intrigue. "All Ghost Women Play the Theremin." "Metaphysical Toymaking." "The Golden Foretaste of Heaven." And "Mustard and Beer" is nearly poetic.

Jennifer Lynch is a judge. So is movie man Chris Gore. We've heard pre-things about this night, and those pre-things tell us it is not to be missed by surreal-obsessed cinephiles. Is that you? Well then. Suitcase tulip suitcase tulip. Right?

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