Swatch Villain Watches Make Us Meow

What strange new world is this. What a wonderful time, when we are getting immediate shopping tips from stars. Stars like Mindy Kaling from "The Office," who just tweeted about liking the Swatch famous villain watches (they're "dope," says Ms. Kaling).

Piqued, intrigued, and watching the long, hot afternoon stretch before us, not unlike the length of beach between Sean Connery and Ursula Andress, we made for Swatch and found a glorious sight. Well, glorious if you are 007ians like ourselves, and if you like a timepiece that conveniently sits upon the wrist, also like ourselves.

It looks like these babies made their debut in the fall. How could we have missed them? Were we trapped in some sort of evil sleep chamber? With the knowledge that it is still months (and months and months) before we see "Bond 23," we're going to enjoy them now.

The long and the short of it: The on-the-pulse-of-pop-culture-(and-wrists-everywhere) timekeeping company introduced a line of watches hailing those dastardly cinematic schemers who tried to outdo, outthink, outlaser, outgun, outAstonMartin, outseduce, and outmartini Ian Fleming's celebrated spy, James Bond. But does James ever let them? He toys with them. Toys!

Still, villains should, on a rare occasion, get their day in the sun; or at least a large, artificial overhead light hanging in some dank underground lair. The extras on the Swatch site are zingy; the Blofeld kitty wallpaper especially charms. And the watches are pretty.  Or, um, evil?  Evilly pretty.  The only thing for the true Bondian to do is decide which villain best suits their own special brand of baddieness.

We're hoping that someone like Pierce Brosnan snaps one up, because that would be a very meta-ish, very marvelous thing to do. Maybe he'd go Elliot Carver, the villain from "Tomorrow Never Dies"?

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