Sweaty Happy Party Hats: New Year's Eve in July

Many of us have spent a New Year's Eve in a snowy city where we, somehow, defying all common sense, find ourselves shivering outside a party, standing in heels in slush, gossiping about why two people who were supposedly broken up have shown up together. Teeth chattering. Lips blue. Okay, let's go in, too cold.

And while New Year's Eve in Los Angeles is not exactly balmy, it is warmer than most places. On the shivering-outside-the-party-being-catty scale we'll give it a 6. And it is about to get *a lot* warmer, for one night only, when the Silent Movie Theatre throws New Year's in July on Saturday, July 18th.

Party-movie-spectacular "Get Crazy" (with Lou Reed, no less) is on the bill, as is drinking. So: 21+ is the order of the get-crazy night. Noisemakers, various let's-make-loudness-and-or-be-messy New-Year's-y tropes, and a dropping ball are promised. The director of the film is showing, and if you turned up in your winter-holiday finery, well -- you'd be hot, like moist-under-the-arms hot, but your fellow film goers would probably be deeply envious.

10, 9, 8...

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