Sweet Melody

Family Photo

Soulful singer Amber Melody takes a brief moment to exhale after another impressive performance at the Roxy.

The 23-year-old retro-chic beauty and her 12-piece band, including horns and strings section, have hit the L.A. music scene hard. Her packed shows are garnering a cult-like following with a cross-genre style of jazz, R&B, pop and hip-hop.

Melody’s sound is compared to artists such as Gnarls Barkley, Amy Winehouse and Outkast.

Music is already in her family.

Her father ran “Equinox Bookshop" with Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page in the 1960s and her brother, Jess Jackson, is an accomplished producer and sound engineer. Both brother and sister were discovered by Pete Townshend, who signed the duo to his publishing deal.

Find out what's next for Melody and check out her schedule on Twitter.

Check out the photo slideshow provided by Brandon Peters Photography

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