Sweet Saturday: Train Ride to Bennett’s Honey Farm

Take a flavorful excursion into Fillmore.

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ROADTRIP BY TRAIN: Any roadtripper worth their map, sunglasses, and snacks knows that getting acquainted with the regional food products of an area is, first and foremost, well, first and foremost. You can drive by most other attractions and stops without too much guilt -- maybe you'll catch 'em on the way back -- but pulling the ol' car over for the place that makes its own jerky or jam or bottles honey is like Rule #1 of the fun day out on the byways of America. But you don't always need to reach those places by four wheels: Sometimes, curiously, a train can deliver you, too, to just the spot you want to see. The Fillmore & Western, the "Movie Train" based in Fillmore (you saw it in "Inception"), will make a special trip to a local favorite, the stickily stupendous Bennett's Honey Farm. The train you'll be riding has history to spare -- the passenger cars hail from the 1930s and '40s and still carry that character -- and honey is as eternal and as old-timey as an edible product gets. Pair the two together and you have an excursion that appeals to both a roadtripper's heart and those who wish for a calmer trip back in time, at least for part of a sunny Saturday. And that sunny Saturday will be...

JUNE 13: Bennett's Honey Farm is outside of Fillmore, where the train is based, and on the way to Piru, so the train'll pull over -- proverbially -- for a little lovely time at a farm-based Honey Festival. Shall there be lots of info about bees, and how bees do their all-important thing? There shall be. Will bee keepers be on hand, sharing the buzz? Yes, we said "buzz" because it felt right (and, yes, bee keepers will be at the fest). Will there be honey products of all sorts to purchase? You can bet your yellow-and-black fuzzy coat there will be. (We're just assuming you'll dress in bee fashion.) Is an adult ticket for the train twenty bucks? It is, roadtripper. Or shall we call you railtripper, at least for the day? Heading to the Honey Festival by train is railtripping, for sure. It's also quaint and old-fashioned, both, if you've needed to quaint-up your go-go-go, screen-centered life. 

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