Sweet Stuff for Sale in Santa Ana


ONE DAY ONLY: It isn't true that things happening over Memorial Day Weekend must fill out all three days. It also isn't true that the first out-sized weekend of the summer season is only filled with doings of an athletic or outdoorsy nature (although, happily, there are plenty of those). Sometimes an indie arts and crafts festival will pop up, and sometimes it will feature items like nifty handbags made out of tough seatbelt material, or earrings made out of found objects, and oftentimes delicious and zingy food trucks will appear to keep the shoppers happy. Oh, and look: Patchwork, that treasure-filled indie market, will be making for Santa Ana on Sunday, May 29.

SUNDAY HOURS: The show will take over a corner of Santa Ana's Museum District from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. On the food truck front? Piaggio on Wheels, Gypsy Den, and C Salt Gourmet will be handing little paper bowls filled with deliciousness to people who have ordered and purchased them. And dozens of DIYers will be selling goods. You do need a seatbelt bag, right? It's probably tough, and can take all the sitting under tables that handbags often do.

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