Syrup Up for Free (and for a Good Cause)

Put "national" in an event title and you know something is big. Stick "celebration" in there and you've got a party. Add "day" and you know the length of time is finite. And then -- flip a sizzling pat of butter on us and call it breakfast -- along comes the word "pancake" and you are really talking, mister.

February 24 is indeed National Pancake Day Celebration at the International House of Pancakes restaurants -- IHOP, if you like to be short 'n snappy when saying your restaurant names -- and that is happy news for the millions of devoted morning-meal types. Even if you aren't a breakfasting buff, you can have your free short stack of buttermilk pancakes (short stack=three golden discs) any time between 7AM and 10PM on Tuesday, February 24. Limit one stack per guest (those towers of hot batter have girth, so you'll fill up nicely). And this deal is for dining-in patrons only, so do not haul your car up to the front and hope make off with some of those still-warm beauties. Grab a booth and relax. People watch. Smile at a table of diners next to you. Daydream, while playing with the tiny creamers.

IHOP's mission behind the pancake-based bash is to raise funds for hospitals via the Children's Miracle Network, as well as other organizations in need. While you do not need to donate to enjoy your short stack, the restaurant company, in its own words, asks that you "consider" doing so. The goal in '09 is a million dollars raised (the restaurant chain came pretty close last year, so we're feeling it can be reached).

Definitely the right thing to do, help out, whether you're there to enjoy the free pancakes or not. And, don't forget: it's Fat Tuesday. Or Shrove Tuesday, if you prefer. Meaning that if you intend to make some cutbacks starting on Wednesday, pancaking up is the order of the day. Oh, and buttering up. And syruping up...

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