Taking the Yellow Brick Road (and Not the 405)

RUBY-SLIPPERED SIPS: There's no doubt about it: Dorothy and the Scarecrow and the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion -- and Toto, too, natch -- had some less-than-easy adventures along the Yellow Brick Road. There's an easy if stretchy comparison to make there to our own 405-shutdown over the July 16-17 weekend, but the comparison gets a lot more apt once the Culver Hotel enters the story. The Culver City hotel, of course, is famously related to the famous film -- that's where several of the actors stayed during the MGM shoot -- and it is the place to go to revel in a bit of old Hollywood, Dorothy-cute history. And it just happens to have a locals-oriented Carmageddon deal on from Friday, July 15 to Sunday, July 17. Follow the Yellow Brick Road, or Culver Boulevard, indeed.

THE DETAILS: Music and cocktails will be what's going down in the lobby for a lot of the weekend. And if you're a local -- meaning you live in a five-mile radius of the hotel -- you can get a room for $179. Ring the hotel for details, and think about how, however you get there, your journey is sure to be much easier than the one the Oz adventurers had. No flying monkeys, either. We hope? Maybe. Maybe not. Although that could make the whole stressful weekend much more entertaining. Wait. Could the flying monkeys transport us *over* the 405 to where we all need to go? Someone please get on this. Thank you.

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