Talk “Twilight,” Earn Cash

Could you just write about "Twilight" every day?

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Toni Guinyard

Bloggers, hearts.

Many bloggers are paid these days. But many continue to write about the things they love, a lot, for free, with no check waiting in the mailbox at the end of the week.

That is commitment. Now is looking for that commitment, and specifically a commitment to all things "Twilight," in its search for a new blogger.

This is a paid position and it will be guaranteed to last for two months -- May 1 to June 30, when "Eclipse" opens. So you'll be paid to talk "Twilight," over "several posts" each day, for about nine weeks or so-ish.

Is that you? Are you the person that kills at Scene It and can recite full scenes of the movie, "Rocky Horror"-style? Yeah. That's probably you then.

Get details here.

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