Talking Points: All Oscars Edition

...At approximately 8:14PM, we texted a friend asking, "are you loving this Oscars too???" Or something like that. We might have typed "R U loving this Oscars 2" but we're really trying to break that habit 4ever. Friend's text back didn't hearten, and we have yet to hear her full review, but we feel like the razzle-dazzle quotient was significantly up over years past.

Hugh Jackman, and some top-hatted Baz Luhrmann choreography, had much to do with that. Like the New York Times pointed out so astutely, Hollywood did not want to go snarky this go-around, after the WGA strike last year, the recent SAG drama, the economy, and damn well everything else that's limpifying all our souls on a daily basis. Plus, snarkiness is dead. (Great recent quote from the great Roy Blount Jr: "Snarky is easy, comedy's hard.")

And part of that earnestness came in the form of past acting winners forming a semi-circle and welcoming the new winner. Yes, tres touchy-feely. Yes, a bit Star Chamber-y (again, NYT; we've read more wicked takes this morning, but, in the spirit of a happier Oscars, we'll refrain from dissecting). Because isn't it everyone's deep-inside-secret-dream to get accepted to that exclusive club? Even if you don't act? You just secretly want to be friends with all those super famous people. So, we smell an eau de jealousy in some of those reviews. Just a hint. A waft.

...Finally. SJP, looking lovely and well-Pilate'd and nicely put-together as always. Phoebe Cates, nice to see you! Andrew Stanton: cute, beardy animator types rule. And Danny Boyle, excited and earnest and loving the show. Us too, Danny.

But where were Clooney and Hanks? Aren't they contractually obligated to attend every Oscars through 2192? We missed those big galoots and their smiling, goofy-guy-ish, "Hooray for Hollywood" auras.

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