Talking Points: Dec. 15

  • First winter storm's here, with a wallop. Call in sick for work? Go in and have the office practically to yourself? Whatever. Reports from Twitter say snow's falling in LA (okay, that was yesterday), but you won't have to drive far to find the cold stuff. Cough. Cough. Hello, boss..?

  • Best Play Title of the Season (tm): "Last Christmas, I Gave You My Heart, But the Very Next Day, You Said You Were Gay." Now playing in Fullerton. A Christmas classic in the making? Definitely.

  • Stagings of the "The Nutcracker" are as plentiful as ornaments on a magic tree. The trick is to make each one different from the next. We like the traditional offerings, but how about a glow-in-the-dark version? Full-on costumes, wigs going neon? Or how about one that's done entirely backwards, including line readings? On rollerblades?

  • Dropped your last bit of change on a hostess gift? You can still get home on Christmas Eve and Christmas. Metro's offering free rides on buses and trains. Very merry, Metro. Very merry indeed.

  • Relative Watch: They're descending in oh, a week or so? Best lay out those itineraries now. Save New Year's and a little flower-themed to-do in Pasadena, a lot of venues are sporting light calendars starting next Monday, and concerts? Dwindle-ish. "The town closes down" is a favorite Hollywood refrain, but we don't want to see the front gates locked and the lights turned off. Plan now, people. Plan now.
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