Talking Points: Dec. 17

  • What to get the fan boy, or fan girl, in your life this holiday? The "Battlestar Galactica" toaster is a commendable start, or the Hammacher Schlemmer R2-D2 aquarium. Graphic novels are better for those on a budget. All of this makes us want to go see what Wil Wheaton is up to. Oh, playing D&D and talking gaming. Wil, you rock.

  • Outfest Wednesday screens a favoritest movie of ours, and everyone who adores a silky, shiny pantsuit and long cigarette holder used to punctuate sentences: "Auntie Mame"

  • Planning on whipping up that rum-and-nog concoction, the one all your friends rave about? Word on the street is that there's been a run on LA's local noggery fave, Broguiere's, at a major grocery store. A SoCal Christmas without Broguiere's? We're suppressing panic, and we're totally sure they're restocking as we type, but if you see a bottle, buy it. No joke. You know the one. It's got a sassy cow on it, or Mr. Huell Howser.

  • Manhattan Beach's new Shade Hotel (sleek, baby, very sleek) boasts in-room cocktail shakers. Finally, a hotel that knows us. And a sizeable portion of the general, must-relax-this-instant hotel-staying clientele. How many minis will that thing take, anyway?

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