Talking Points: Dec. 9

  • Irate, fist-shaking elves, snowballs made of crushed ice (those'll leave a mark) and some 300 Santas, many carrying Christmas cheer-filled  flasks, all carrying 'tudes. It's just another Santacon in LA. Santa needs a little R&R before the big day, right?
  •  Did you get the email? Party's off. Secret Santa is on hold. And the brownies from accounting? Try brownie. In the face of seasonal corner-cutting, we're happy we can still attend Bob's Holiday Office Party. Hope there's a copier to make mementos to pass around Monday morning.
  •  A North Carolina guy who had a major sci-fi movie prop -- the saucer from "Forbidden Planet" -- stashed away without knowing it could possibly nab over $100,000 at an upcoming Calabasas auction. Everyone pause right now, make for your garage/rec rooms and cast a hard eye. Is that an old paper towel tube, or a magic wand from a 1930s fantasy epic? (Also, question -- how'd that saucer get all the way across the country? Did it fly? We hope.)
  • We'd recently noticed the big red "Variety" sign at the top of the tallll building on Miracle Mile. And we said to self, "Self, has that sign always been up there, and we're just noticing now?" Turns out our powers of observation, while not as keen as, say, when we were tots watching mom stow Mallomars on top of the fridge, are not completely gone. Variety is now firmly ensconced in that building. "Paper's Caper: Skyscraper?" Okay, so we won't be headline writers at the trade any time soon.


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