Talking Points: Feb. 4

...Roles are notoriously hard to come by, so when like 137 people have played the same famous character, we take note. And when they all gather in one place -- the major "Friday the 13th" bash we talked about earlier this week -- it kind of fills us with warm fuzzies. As if Jason should fill anyone with warm fuzzies.

But really, can you think of another role that has had so many actors fill the shoes (hockey mask?) over the years? We're thinking not even James Bond comes close. (By the way, a "Friday the 13th" fan we know pointed out that the most famous Jason, Kane Hodder, is not in the line-up pictured above. To which we again ask, how many Jasons are there???)

...Spotted in Los Feliz: One very pink corvette. Oh, you know which one.

...American Apparel on Robertson is open. Someone told us the other day that brightly hued tights are "out" (we make mention because American Apparel carries the best hued tights and can never, ever stop carrying them). To which we asked that someone, and to all people who say anything is "out" at the moment, can we afford what's in and what's out in this economy? Can't everything kind of be "in" for awhile while we weather this? We're just asking.

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