Talking Points: Feb. 18

...When we hear that this star or that celeb is the "best dressed" our thoughts very often turn to, okay, fine, but who is doing the dressing of them? The stylists, yes, but on movies and television, the costume designers rule. You know those people have to be dressed to the nines -- maybe even the elevens or fifteens -- on a daily basis. No spotty, stainy sweatpants for them.

Not surprising, then, that all of those creative-with-clothes types were looking divine at the Costume Designers Guild Awards at the Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire on Tuesday, February 17. But our favorite get-up was, in fact, sported by an actress: Debra Messing. The little silvery wing things she was sprouting off her shoulders bewitched. We've always thought that Elizabethan-style ruffs should make a big comeback; maybe this is a first sign?

Bonus of the night: Peter Facinelli, on stage, in his underwear.

...Today in bacon: Bacon and gin. Is there *anything* this wonder meat cannot be paired with? We'd vote no, but our fingers are too greasy to grab a pen.

...And speaking of pairing up: Are two super agencies in town about to get even super-agency-er?

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