Talking Points: Feb. 17

...If this wasn't the wallop they (they=various weather peopleage) promised, we'll call it the better part of a wallop. And while we're all sand bags and towels under the door and mud up the wazoo down here, you know the resorts -- Mammoth to Big Bear -- are partying in soft, cold powder. But how to get there, that is the question. And, by the way, if you don't ski, or even tube, or even so much as walk on anything frozen if possible, know that the hot toddy possibilities in these resort towns are plentiful. We wouldn't be surprised if they fill up a Jacuzzi or two with warm whiskey and lemon.

...Another if. If you like the Oscars, horoscopes, or Defamer, or all of the above, you will enjoy this piece, which deftly, and at times cheekily, incorporates all three.

...When the words "bosom" and "nudie wallpaper" appear in a restaurant review, we generally take a minute or two to see what the fuss is about.

...We're probably the last people in a zip code starting with a "9" to have seen the brand-spanking new opener for "The Simpsons," but we'll correct that immediately.

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