Talking Points: Jan. 19

Sundance Tidbits: Mike Tyson is the buzz. Bob Redford plays the generous, affable host. (We don't call him Bob, personally, but it feels right during the festival). Mariah's making the movie scene before jetting off to the inauguration. And hey, people: give "Hotel for Dogs" a break. And the parties? Things are in control. Plus: Defamer eavesdrops. picks its LA favorites, but advises that visitors skip rush hour. Excellent shout-outs, -- your "When to Go" is right on the money -- but the thing with rush hour here is it just is. Like the ocean and the stars and the palms, it exists in its own space and time plane. We embrace it, we accept it and we move on. Or sit on. And then move a little bit. Then a little bit more...

The Doo Dah '09 Round-Up: All the classics, save the invisible marching band (did we miss it?), were there; as always, Caesar's Circus and the Bastard Sons of Lee Marvin charm. Plus, the queen rode a horse. Last year's queen was also there, not quite ready to give up her throne. Things, some edible, or edible-ish, were flung into the crowd with abandon. The crowd, as always, was full of high spirits and not *too* much elbow pokery. Plenty of fliers were handed/tossed out for, um, things and stuff. And the floats were exceedingly creative if not always entirely clear in their messages ("Mad Max"-y bus near the end, what were you?). Did you attend? Thoughts? Favorite bit?

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