Talking Points: Jan. 14

TINY BIKINI, MEET MID-JANUARY: Look, we never like to pit NY vs. LA. Both are grand cities. Many people have called both megalopolises home. But we've got to face facts: It's in the high 20s in New York today, and a balmy 80 is expected in the Southland. We know, there's the whole "culture/food" thing, but you can still have your New York-style pizza and see Broadway in Concert tonight, all while staying in your skivvies for a chunk of the day.

NICE KNOWING YA, NOVA EXPRESS: Were you also rather obsessed with the snug, black-light-y space on Fairfax called Nova Express? The glow-in-the-dark bits are moving out and sandwiches and sausages are moving in. We feel sad (goodbye black light) and happy (sausages!) at the same time.

FUN WITH "PHANTOM": It's opening a week from today at Pantages, but the big news for "Phantom of the Opera" is that Andrew Lloyd Webber's company is developing a video game. Hopefully there will be a bit where we have to steer our gondola through the murky waters under the Paris Opera House for points?

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