Talking Points: Jan. 7

  • Parking meters that take credit cards? There's always hoofing it, or cycling, or staying on the couch, if you don't want to pull out the plastic. Or, consider: this guy found over 40 bars that are walking distance from Metro stops. Thank you, nice man.

  • Reality show "Kitchen Nightmares" is casting in our fair town. Will your favorite eatery get picked? And do you want to see the stoveside drama go down while your cedar-planked salmon sizzles nearby? We do and we don't.

  • Readers growled over the fancy-dancy year-end recipe presentation at The Times. The Times kissed and made it better. How much do we love when places respond to what the people want? Thank you, Times. We'd whip you up a crumbly batch of maple bacon biscuits if you were right here right now.

  • Why didn't anyone tell us that the World Series of Beer Pong went down just a few hours away from here? We *so* would have gone. If we had a full-body slicker. And goggles. And a shower cap. But hey, beer pong!

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