Talking Points: Rainy Monday Edition

Did we leave the hose on? Wait, we don't have a hose. So that watery, streamy sound outside is... ah, yes, rain, and lots and lots of it. We heard that the "Storm of the Year" (or was that "Storm of the Week" or "Storm of Every Third Monday Before 10AM"?) was headed this way, and it is, in weatherman parlance, a doozy. Still, our thoughts turn to the end of the week, and the Academy Awards, and the likelihood that the gigantic plastic tarp will be draping the red carpet. Pity, but what can be done?

Well, one thing at least. Rather than covering all the people arriving for the awards, we'd like to suggest to designers that they incorporate the covers/umbrellas/slickers in the actual clothing the stars are wearing. Totally uncharted territory for the top fashion designers, the matching rain cover/gown, or the tuxedo where the bow tie turns into a small, head-protective hat.

The entertainment reporters lining the red carpet would have so much more to discuss (not that they don't gamely chat about the purses and the hair and the jewels every year). But, if the famous arrived with designer rain gear, we're thinking the pre-show could get even more juicy. How to keep sexy when you're in yards of rubberized, rain-deflecting material? There are ways, we know.

And no, we're not talking about handlers who hold umbrellas for the stars. The stars hold their own umbrellas. The stars whip out those crystal-encrusted slickers and kitten-heeled galoshes and logo-covered tissues to dab at spots that get a bit damp.

Designers of the Oscar gowns, are you up to this weather-themed challenge?

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