Taller Than Chef? Eat Free

A new restaurant offers an out-sized deal for the month of July.

BierBeisl, the still-new, much-buzzed-about Beverly Hills restaurant, has made recent headlines for its authentic Austrian cuisine. But it isn't merely the extensive sausage menu -- hello, bratwurst and weisswurst and debreziner -- and it isn't just the impressive Schnapps offerings -- mmm, rowanberry and wild cherry and plum -- that has people talking.

People are also talking about Chef Bernhard Mairinger and his impressive height. Chef is 6'7" which means he stands taller than most of his patrons.

But will change come July. Chef has put forth a unique challenge that is sure to have its share of sky-high participants: If you are taller than him, you'll get a free meal at BierBeisl in July.

There will be, in fact, a sign on the door that says "If your head is above this line, your bill will be mine." A restaurant rep said that "tall folks have already been casing the joint." Note that if you are 6'8" or above, that's one free meal for the whole month, but consider it a way to try a new place *and* get a few bragging rights in the process.

And the meal? The entree and dessert of your choice. Beer, wine, or Schnapps is not included. Oh, and let us add that you will be measured, at the restaurant, without your shoes.

And here we shall pause from daydreaming about Schnapps and sausages for a moment to think of Chef Mairinger in the kitchen. If you are a person of height and you love to cook, you know you can bump your head against stove hoods and hanging pots and pans. We'd love to know Chef's tips for moving around a tighter space with ease; surely he has mastered it, given the acclaim he and his place have been garnering.

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