Tart Tossing, Berry Eating, Tribute Banding

The California Strawberry Festival turns 27, with some tributes.

Last year it was the strawberry beer that had has agog.

We're not done being agog by that, actually. Beer. Strawberries. Picturing the taste in our minds.

But now we're wide-eyed over the host of tribute bands that'll be rocking the 2010 California Strawberry Festival, which happens May 15-16 in Oxnard.

A Bruce Springsteen tribute. A Beatles tribute. Journey. Elvis and Johnny Cash. Plus loads more music. If you missed that full-on tribute band festival a few weeks back in Santa Clarita, this is catch-up time.

And call it catch-up time if you haven't gotten your fill of strawberries in the recent winter months. Because there will be berry-laden funnel cake. Strawberry wine. Strawberry pizza. And the festival's famous you-build-it strawberry shortcake area.

And games and family stuff, too. Berry hunts and tart tossing and recipe contests. We have not tossed a tart, ever, and this makes us blue.

The festival passed its quarter-century mark a few years back. No surprise, really, seeing as how our state is nearly synonymous with the pointy-bottomed, green-stemmed berry. Happy 27th, California Strawberry Festival.

Editor's note: NBCLA is a media festival sponsor of the California Strawberry Festival.

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