Taste of the Eastside

Auntie Em's, Gingergrass, and Yuca will head for Barnsdall.


Dear different "Taste ofs" all around the world, 

Hi. We're sure you're busy, and not interested in open letters, but we had to write. Because we like Taste of-type events, and we like them to do well.

And the Taste of that's going to go down on Sunday, May 15 here in Los Angeles -- that's where we're writing you from, if you were wondering -- has a lot of really excellent elements. Like, a geographical focus. It's Taste of the Eastside, meaning area restaurants like Auntie Em's and Yuca and Malo and The Kitchen will all be serving delectables.

Here are a few tips you might want to keep in mind, if you want to emulate Taste of the Eastside's winning strategy.

1. The aforementioned geographical focus. That's one way to reach success.

2.  Get a great DJ, like KCRW's own Garth Trinidad. (KCRW is a station here, but then everyone everywhere pretty much listens to KCRW, right?)

3. Plan your event for a lovely weekend afternoon. Done. Again, that date? Sunday, May 15. May 15th, come quickly.

4. Price your admission reasonably. Taste of the Eastside is offering a general $25 admission. Nice.

Nooow. There might be issues with tips 5 and 6. Taste of the Eastside is happening at Barnsdall Art Park, which means attendees will enjoy eating near the famous Frank-Llloyd-Wrightian Hollyhock House, and they will also enjoy views of the Hollywood Sign. So we'd advise you to always take place near one of those two things, if possible.

Do you have a Hollyhock House or a Hollywood Sign wherever you are, other Taste ofs? Probably not. You probably have cool stuff in your town. We're not saying you don't. But we're pretty proud of those two things 'round these parts. And eating good food in the sightlines of both is a true local pleasure.

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