Thank Goodness for Color

This spring, bright shades of green, orange, purple and fuchsia, mixed with neutral blocks of black and white, took over the runways of Milan, Paris and New York.

Every season, it can get exhausting to see rows and rows of new looks and still manage to keep up with the latest trends. Yet, for the Spring-Summer 2011, this time-consuming and money-sucking task is taking a swift alternate route. Not only are these hyper colors fabulous and full of glow, but you can also use your bright-colored pieces from the past and still manage to abide by this season's hottest trends.

This spring, bright shades of green, orange, purple and fuchsia, mixed with neutral blocks of black and white, took over the runways of Milan, Paris and New York.

If bright separates plus neutral-colored basics equal trendy, we've got news for the fashion-savvy and the money-conscious; search the closet, find the brightest and boldest top, shirt or skirt, and pair it up with a basic you already have.

Yes, for the next few months, this bright blockade of hues is giving some new credit to the old, yet colorful clothes you've hidden in your closet.

This season, there is no need to go above and beyond to find that designer look-alike dress you ripped off looking through fashion magazines. It happens that those trendy pieces are already hanging in your own closet.

From Prada, Louis Vuitton and Lanvin to Haider Ackermann, Diane Von Furstenberg and Carlos Miele, the bold is mixed with the plain. Orange, purple, yellow and blue are some of the favorites of these designers. A bright top can go couture by being paired with some sleek black or nude bottoms.

Lanvin does this well by mixing a neon yellow top with a black pencil skirt.

The same concept can go well for two or three different pop colors.

Gucci does a flawless job in mixing hyper colors without any neutrals, by putting a copper-color shawl collar jacket with a strapless purple drape top and a fold low rise bright green pants.

It doesn't matter which way you do it, as long as you have an element of bright mixed with a neutral basic, your sense of style won't be criticized.

Don't be afraid to bring out your colored shirts and blouses from the '80s, '90s and the past few summers. Try to go bold with loud colored dresses and contrasting scarves, sweaters and other accessories.

So, open up your drawers, pull out that old bright blue or pink silk top and pair it with a basic black or white bottom. Also don't be afraid of mixing the bright together.

Yes, you might have to be conscious of not over-doing the colors, but this spring is the easiest season to get the colors all mixed up.

Don't feel troubled by not having spent hundreds of dollars on the latest looks; and remember that spending too much money won't make you stylish -- mix the old with new concepts and you'll be as trendy as it gets.

Here's the catch -- there's no need for the basic to be couture; as long as you style your outfit well and pair the top and bottom accordingly, no one could tell -- or in this case, would care if your self-coordinated ensemble is H&M or McQueen.

From haute-couture pieces to contemporary designs, these bold color blocks are making it easy for the budget-conscious fashionistas to remain fabulous and right on the money.

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