Thanksgiving at the Tram


MOUNTAIN MEAL: Thanksgiving is a pretty funny holiday, in some ways. Funny in the sense that people tend to want it to remain the same, year in and year out. Same turkey, same stuffing, same seating order at the adults' table, same games at the kids' table. But then? But then. There's always that adventurer who wants to mix it up, just a bit; show with jalapeno mashed potatoes rather than the ol' yam dish. If you feel like you live a bit in both words -- you want the classics and a bit of zazzy newness, too -- perhaps a change of setting is in order. A spectacular change of setting, that is. The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway offers both the turkey and the tremendous setting, making it perfect for families who want a bit of the traditional and the new this Thanksgiving. Diners will ride the tram up to the Peaks Restaurant, where they shall eat drumsticks and rolls and gravy while enjoying truly sweeping views.

TWO MEAL CHOICES: A Ride 'n Dine ticket gets you up the mountain and a cafeteria-style Thanksgiving meal at the Pines Cafe; an adult ticket is $36. Lots of staples on the menu, but we're seriously eying the the root beer-glazed ginger ham shank. More root beer glaze on everything edible, we say. There's also a buffet option at the Peaks Restaurant for a bit more, and it doesn't include tram admission. We say pool the family and see what option they want to go with. Something cafeteria-ish and quick? Or buffet-style eating in the restaurant? The views of the Coachella Valley come with either. Plus, a tram ride on Thanksgiving? Seems like a peaceful, nature-close way to reflect on the messages of the holiday.

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