The $1 Birthday Room Package

LA Live

A SINGLE CLAM: It's hard to find a sexier, clickier pair of words than "one dollar," because hardly anything really huge is priced at a buck, ever. Except this. So we'll be quick about it, because we expect you'll want to get clicking, or you might have already clicked on the link above already, and if that's the case you're not even reading this sentence.

THE UPSHOT: The JW Marriott -- as in the hotel -- has a birthday package in honor of its first year at LA Live. Starting at a very particular time on Tuesday, Feb. 15, one-dollar packages will go on sale. If you book one, you'll stay in the Chairman Suite at the hotel, and get some extras, like breakfast. And we're not even joking when the hotel says the buck package is worth four grand. Not. Even. Joking. Please please please read all if you're intrigued, all the fine print, and the time you'll need to book. There are 10 packages total, so you'll want to stay on your toes.

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