The 5 P.M. Sunday Check-Out

La Quinta Resort & Club has a summer special going, so sleep in.

WHEN LEAVING IS LATE: The late morning is usually a lovely time of day, regardless of location. Things are warming up outside, the coffee has typically kicked in, and you've answered any emails or texts that have lingered since yesterday. Best of all, lunch approaches, and the sandwich-based daydreaming has commenced. All in all, 11 a.m. to noon is generally a very fine hour of the day, with a notable and common exception: When you're in a hotel room, packing, to make sure you make your check-out time in a timely manner. You don't want vacation to be over, you don't want to leave, and yet? The clock says the morning is waning and the front desk is waiting. Tick tock.

THERE IS AN EXCEPTION... and it is rather notable. We know, you've probably extended a check-out by an hour before, but have you ever pushed it to 5 p.m.? Probably not. You're already onto the next night with a 5 p.m. check-out. But La Quinta Resort & Club is trying out the 5 p.m. check-out on summer Sundays, as part of its Hot as Heaven promotion.

SO THIS IS WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO: Wake up really early on a Sunday, say at like 7 a.m., swim in each of the resort's 41 pools, just a lap here and there, finish up by lunch, dry off, change, eat something healthy, have a long, early-afternoon nap, then split at 5 p.m., all without having to book your room for another night. Just make sure to ask about the 5 p.m. check-out for your Sunday departure when you book your nights, or ask about the other specials going down, like $99 for a weeknight stay.

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